Prepare to be a couch potato

into a block life

I love to create stuff in my own world. I was crazy at the early days. I built over 25,000 blocks of rails in a few days, and several lines of the rail system across the world, "World of Neither" was included.

It's not done yet, I'll keep digging, killing, fishing, and creating the whole world...

Having an adventure

From the spawn to the wild

Meet the villages

Explore the world


The gangsta

Ender Dragon

The "Bumped into GUY"

Ender Dragon is a boss lives in the "Worlds of the End" with several secret life emeralds.


The walker

Enderman is the follower of EVIL Dragon from the "World of the End". Want to met meet the dragon? Just worship them.


Portable TNT

"You wanna say somethin', bro?" Sssssss.....Boooom. (Respawn?)



When a zombie is nearing you, you'll noticed that. look! There's a green ugly guy.
"Hell no." The Worker said.

A worker's life

Dig, dig, dig.